Monday, September 27, 2010

Taipei, Day 5

9/25/2010:  Today was an unplanned day, so not surprisingly, I did a lot of walking (about 22 miles) and didn’t really stop anywhere.  I wanted to walk south, but I ended up going west to Longshan Temple.  I didn’t go inside last time, so I walked around for awhile and watched people burn incense.  Then I kept going west until I hit the river, so I followed it south until I took a bridge over to Yonghe City.  Having no idea where I was going, I managed to make a 45 minute loop and ended back at the same bridge.  I headed east from there, and eventually made it to another bridge to Taipei.

Here I am about to cross over the bridge from Jhonghe City back into Taipei.


IMG_8415The river between Jhonghe and Taipei.IMG_8416Almost at the end of the bridge, looking towards Taipei 101.

 IMG_8417I had to walk across this basketball court to get under another bridge.

IMG_8419I ended my walk at Ximending, which was much busier than my last visit.  This was taken from the metro station entrance.

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