Saturday, October 02, 2010

Alishan and Tainan

9/30/2010:  I woke up at 4 AM sharp and was ready to go well before the 5 AM train to the sunrise viewing point.

 IMG_8467Before sunriseIMG_8472A guide giving a passionate talk

There was a small crowd at the lookout point, so just a few minutes before sunrise, I walked a bit further up the mountain road and found a secluded spot for myself.

IMG_8475IMG_8477Sunrise at 6:08 AMIMG_8482Misty mountains

The train left at 6:50 AM to go back to the hotel area, and from there I walked around the giant cedar pathway.


IMG_8489The end of a rail line.IMG_8493IMG_8497IMG_8499IMG_8500The locomotive without cars.IMG_8501At around 10:30 AM, clouds began to come in.  By 11 AM, there was no mountain in sight.  I heard this happens almost every day.

I caught a 11 AM bus back to Chiayi, where we had a stop in Fanlu.  This place reminded me of southeastern Kentucky.


I arrived in Tainan at about 1 PM, and bought a ticket for a 3:25 train to Tainan.  After a 40 minute train ride, I arrived at Tainan Station.

IMG_8505Tainan StationIMG_8509Zhongshan Park, Tainan

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