Saturday, October 02, 2010

More Tainan


IMG_8512IMG_8513IMG_8514Statue of Koxinga at Fort Anping.

IMG_8519Crossing a bridge in the coastal area.

IMG_8520IMG_8521IMG_8523IMG_8524IMG_8527A ship in the Taiwan Strait.IMG_8529IMG_8530IMG_8531Eternal Golden FortressIMG_8536IMG_8538A candidate from the Democratic Progressive Party

IMG_8543Chikan Towers.  A statue of the Dutch surrendering Taiwan to Koxinga’s forces.

10/2/2010:  After an exhausting day yesterday, I took it very easy today, not leaving the hostel until 4 PM.  I went to a large night market about 20 minutes from the hostel, where I ate a large serving of chicken for only 50 Taiwan dollars.

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